Both Kinesiology and BodyTalk are holistic therapies that can track down and reveal what is behind the symptoms that you are experiencing, and restore balance in the precise sequence of healing that is right for you, thus promoting long term results.
My sessions are directed by your own body/innate wisdom: muscle testing - or muscle biofeedback - will indicate the direction of the session at any given moment, making our work together a unique  experience reflecting exactly what you need and what is the priority that needs attention.
Anything can be a starting point to our session together as I work on all levels simultaneously: all is interlinked - emotional, mental, physical, nutritional and spiritual. Through the wisdom of your own bodymind I weave with both Creative Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy a unique journey for you to restore or maintain optimum health and balance, or to explore new depth and maybe gain a better understanding of what is in the way of your evolution and growth.
Group sessions available in Glastonbury: Evolutionary healing Groups
Sessions on Skype available.
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Some of the typical symptoms Kinesiology and BodyTalk ALSO address!


  • skin problems e.g.acne, psoriasis, eczema

  • allergies, intolerance

  • arthritis

  • back pain/injury

  • bloating

  • chronic pain and fatigue

  • depression and anxiety

  • digestive disorders

  • emotional disorders

  • fibromyalgia

  • infections

  • insomnia and sleep disorders

  • joint pain

  • learning disorders

  • headaches and migraines

  • overwhelm

  • personal growth

  • post traumatic stress disorder

  • phobias and fears

  • sports performance and recovery

  • stress

  • trauma; physical,emotional, other

  • viruses, bacteria, parasites

  • weight issues

  • any challenge on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level or in your environment